Performance Reporting

GreenYield® is a software solution for reporting energy and pollution performance to insurance companies and government agencies.

GreenYield® reporting validates sustainability for shop owners and operators to effectively manage compliance on a continuous basis.

How We Calculate Green Index

Baseline Standard - North American Industry Classification System

  • Energy Score (kg CO2e caused by KWH & BTU use)/10, score =10 =10
  • Pollution Score (0 hazardous materials = 0, 1=2.5, 2=5, 3=7.5, 4=10)
  • Consumption Score (kg CO2e for work order Hrs)/10, score =10 =10

The 3 scores are added together and divided by three and compared to the Baseline Standard. The score with the least environmental impact is 0. A score of 10 has the highest impact.

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GreenYield® is a verification service for reporting energy and pollution savings to insurance companies and government agencies. GreenYield are Registered Environmental Assessors and provider of enterprise software solutions and services that enable organizations to capture, analyze and optimize sustainable waste, emission and energy performance data across their operations.