EPA News You Can Use -
March 2012

Tip of the Month - Protect children from accidental poisoning by household substances. Lock up household pesticides and chemicals in a high cabinet out of the reach of children. March 18-24 is National Poison Prevention Week.

New CA Bill to Cut the Cost of Going Green Learn more about the California bill that would cut the costs of making commercial buildings greener.

Airport has On-Site Partners Adopt Low Carbon Vehicles
The East Midlands Airport, UK implements phase two of their carbon offsetting scheme: getting their on-site partners to adopt low carbon vehicles

Carbon Footprint Tracking Saves Company Money
Akamai, a company that optimizes online experiences for users, has found a valuable business-management practice - they monitor and control their carbon footprint, and save money by doing so.

Pollution Prevention: How you can help create a cleaner, healthier world with just a few simple steps.

Go Green-Scaping! March is when we typically begin to think of springtime and lawns and being outdoors again. Start with ideas and useful tips for greenscaping - environmentally friendly practices to improve the health and appearance of your lawn and garden.

Sunwise-SHADE Poster Contest: Students in K to 8th grade can submit original, creative posters to raise sun safety awareness. Prizes include digital cameras and more. Poster deadline is April 1.

Rachel Carson Contest: 2012 is the 40th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act and this year's "Sense of Wonder" theme is water. Entry deadline is June 1.

Green-Ribbon Schools: The Department of Education (plus EPA in some areas) is recognizing the highest performing green schools in the nation. If your state is included in this first, pilot year, contact your state education office about getting your school nominated - deadline in March 22.