Insurance Discount
•Insurance Rate Reduction
•Worker Comp Decrease

Public Recognition
•Increase Property Value
•Employee Appreciation

Energy Efficiency
•Utility Bill Decrease
•Government Subsidies

Utility Rebates
•Utility Rate Reduction
•Electric & Gas Refund

Tax Benefits
•EPAct Energy Tax Credit
•Up to $ 1.80 per Sq Ft

Reduced Operating Costs
•Lower energy and water costs
•Reduced costs of spray operations
•Lower insurance costs
•Reduced waste generation

Health & Productivity Benefits
•Improved health
•Enhanced comfort
•Reduced absenteeism
•Faster recovery from illness

First-Cost Savings
•Streamlined permitting and approvals
•Reduced material use
•Tax credits and other incentives

Community Benefits
•Reduced demand on municipal services
•Reduced erosion and storm water runoff
•Reduced automobile use; traffic
•Congestion, and sprawl

Economic benefits
•Increased property value
•Increased local business
•Easier employee recruiting
•Reduced employee turnover
•Reduced liability risk
•Staying ahead of regulations
•Positive public image
•Reduce Paint Usage
•Improve Efficiency

Environmental Benefits
•Reduced global warming impacts
•Minimized ozone depletion
•Reduced resource extraction impacts
•Reduced waste generation & disposal
•Reduced toxic emissions release
•Reduced contributions to air pollution
•Reduced local & regional water pollution
•Reduced urban heat contribution
•GreenHouse Gas climate improvement
•Increased environmental awareness

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GreenYield® is a verification service for reporting energy and pollution savings to insurance companies and government agencies. GreenYield are Registered Environmental Assessors and provider of enterprise software solutions and services that enable organizations to capture, analyze and optimize sustainable waste, emission and energy performance data across their operations.